NBA Dynasty... Explained

The second most hotly debated question behind, “What is the actual definition of MVP?” is “Given a chance, who would you start your new franchise with?”

In this new series about creating the ultimate NBA dynasty team that question will be answered… and then some. The goal of this series will be about breaking down and selecting some of the league’s best players, up and comers and wily vets to lead this group to legendary status.

When making a dynasty team up from scratch, it would be too easy to mimic the same formula that 2K gamers use when loading their own teams with All-Star after All-Star after All-Star. For the purposes of keeping these articles at least slightly entertaining, I laid out a few ground rules for myself so I would be forced to create a semi-cohesive unit.

Rule 1: Abide by the salary cap!

I don’t think this rule requires explaining, considering it consists of about a million tiny, little, nit-picky, uber-specific, unnecessary rules. Basically, this team will be constructed based on the current NBA salary cap and ~most~ rules therein. For those who don’t sit at home and waste their days reading through the current CBA, the tax free salary cap is currently $94 million and the luxury tax threshold is $110 million. It’s not my money, it’s not real money, it’s a fake team, so naturally I will be pushing the limits of all $110 million of my fake money.

Rule 2: Salaries will be calculated using whatever the selected player’s current salary is.

I don’t feel like doing all the math to see who would be a max player, who qualifies for what exceptions and whatever else I would need to do. Bottom line: it’s easier this way but you can go ahead and do the math if you want!

Rule 3: Players will be assumed healthy and willing to sign with this new team.

Good? Cool.

Now begins the greatest sports franchise in the history of ever.

MLB Dynasty Team: Catcher

Gary Sanchez- This pick may come as a shocker to some. Sanchez is just coming off a blazing hot start to his career, and I don’t think he’s about to cool down. Sanchez, only 24, was phenomenal on offense and showed maturity beyond his years behind the plate. This maturity was put on display when he was brought up and made a poor Yankees starting rotation look good and finish out strong. His ability to frame pitches and throw runners out at every base impressed many scouts last season. Just how phenomenal was Sanchez in his debut? He set multiple homerun records with his last homerun tying the record set by Wally Berger as the fastest player to ever hit 20 homeruns. It took both players just 51 games. This record has laid untouched for roughly 86 years. Sanchez finished the year hitting a very respectable .299 batting average with a solid 1.032 OPS. So, with this type of production in his first taste of the big leagues, what can we expect from Gary for the rest of his career? This, folks, is the million-dollar question. I think Gary has some room to improve, and his character and work ethic shows that he’s willing to make those improvements. His attitude issues are a thing of the past, Yankees officials say, and we have every reason to believe them. He has shown us through his game that he has grown up from these incidents, and is willing to work to improve. His maturity is shown in his plate discipline as a hitter, a trait that many well-seasoned pros cannot seem to master. All in all, I think Gary Sanchez is a great young player with a lot of upside. His promising play now makes it almost impossible to pass up on this youngster on my dynasty team. 

-Tyler Brogan

MLB Dynasty Team

The ultimate goal in every sport is to win and win a lot. Forming a team that perfectly mixes young talent with veteran maturity and leadership is the recipe for success long term. In my opinion, I think creating dynasties in baseball is easier than any other sport just because of the sheer number of players in a single organization. MLB teams can utilize multiple levels of minor league play to help prepare a young athlete for The Bigs. I feel like this is stark contrast from the NFL and NBA where a young star is expected to come in and make a difference immediately. Teams like the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs have all of the makings of a dynasty and should be successful for many years to come. Using the blueprint laid out by the Cubs, I’m going to pick the ultimate “fantasy” team taking into account age, leadership ability, and overall talent in an effort to create the best MLB Dynasty Team. Every day I will reveal a new position and which player I’m picking for that position. I will analyze and explain why I chose that player to be a part of my team. Stay tuned for daily updates!

-Tyler Brogan